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Screen Test Game: Stranger Things

Ages: AGES 14+
Item: C4547
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Product Description:

Fans of the popular Netflix original series, Stranger Things, can put their viewing skills to the test with this exciting game to be played while watching! Players are dealt a series of cards, each one listing something to look for within episodes of Seasons 1 and 2. The cue on a card might have a player looking for flickering lights, or specific character actions such as when Eleven uses her powers. Listening skills will be challenged as players eagerly await for phrases such as ""monster hunting"" or ""bad men are coming."" Some cues are single appearances and some are more generic and open for interpretation, allowing for healthy debate. Earn points when something onscreen matches the cue on a card -- and subtract points for leftover cards. The player with the most points after each episode wins. Who will win the most episodes to be the Stranger Things super fan? (Netflix subscription, compatible device, and Internet connection required)

" Includes 300 cards (150 for Season 1 and 150 for Season 2), 4 coasters, and instructions.

" Inspired by the Netflix original series
" Play the game while watching the show (Netflix subscription required)
" Features cards that support Season 1 and Season 2

" Ages 14 and up
" For 2 to 4 players
" Netflix subscription, compatible device, and Internet connection required.

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