Pour Taste Game

Ages: AGES 8+
Item: C2131
Product Description:

In the hilarious Pour Taste game, players choose 6 ingredients (ingredients not included) and fill each cup with one of them. Then, each player takes a turn spinning the spinner. The spin will tell the player which ingredients to mix up -- or whether to choose another player to drink, steal chips, or go bankrupt. Will the drink taste ok or totally gross? It's up to the player to decide whether or not they will drink up. Every time a player drinks from a cup, they earn a chip. If they decide not to drink the concoction, they lose a chip. The first player to get 4 chips wins.

Includes wheel with spinner, 6 cups, cup mat, 20 chips, and instructions.

" The spin it, mix 'em, drink up game
" Hilarious, laugh-out-loud fun
" Choose your ingredients, spin the spinner
" Mix the ingredients
" Dare to drink the concoction

" Ages 8 and up
" For 2 to 6 players.
" Adult Supervision Required.

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