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I Don't GIF A __! Game, Adult Party Game

Ages: 17 YEARS+
Item: E8591
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The I Don't GIF A __! game includes 75 GIF cards each with an image that moves when inserted into the ultra-hip GIF rocker. Choose your funniest caption card to go with the GIF. If the judge chooses yours, you can keep the GIF card as a point. The first player to collect 5 GIF cards wins! But oh, you fancy, huh? Well then, remove the GIF holder from the base, attach the cell phone stand and put your phone in, and play using your fave GIF from the internet.

FOR THOSE WHO SPEAK GIF: Dive into the weird world of the internet in I Don't GIF A __! The adult party game that takes GIFs offline and into your living room
NSFW: If you think the GIF images are offbeat and awkward, just wait 'til you see the hilarious captions players choose to go with them
GIF ROCKER: Slide the GIF card into the ultra-hip GIF rocker, press the handy little space bar, and the image will appear to move like a GIF. Yeah, we know it's awesome
JUDGE AND BE JUDGED: Prove that you're funnier than your friends by choosing the most outrageous caption card to go with the GIF card that's in the GIF rocker
IT'S PARTY TIME: Grab some friends -- the weirder the better -- to play this adult party game that'll make you laugh, twitch, and probably re-think your taste in friends

• Includes GIF rocker, 300 caption cards, 75 GIF cards, phone attachment, and game rules.
• Ages 17 and up
• For 3 or more players.
• GIF Rocker accommodates most cell phones.

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