Hold That Face game

Item: C4104
Product Description:

What face do you make when you're in love? Or when you smell fresh-baked cookies? How about after you use your date's bathroom and the toilet won't flush? The Hold That Face game is a guessing game in which you use just your face to get your team to guess which scenario youre reacting to. And there's a catch! You cant talk, whisper, mumble, hum, or even move! There are four decks of cards youll use: happy, sad, scared, and mad, and each card contains a specific scenario. Luckily, you can practice your look in the included mirror before revealing it to your team! When a team guesses correctly they keep that card, and the team with the most cards in the end wins the game.

" Includes 50 happy cards, 50 sad cards, 50 scared cards, 50 mad cards, 1 mirror, and game rules.

" A guessing game of funny faces and dirty looks
" Includes 4 decks of cards that describe specific situations
" Teammates guess which moment on the cards you're reacting to just by making a face
" Includes game mirror for practicing your look
" Hilarious adult party game for 4 to 8 players

" Ages Adult
" For 4 to 8 players

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