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Flip Challenge

Ages: AGES 7+
Item: C3816
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Grab a plastic bottle (bottle not included. Additional purchase required) and start flipping with the Flip Challenge game! The game rules are simple  ace the Flip Challenges to earn points. First player to 10 points wins! Kids can practice the 34-included trick shot challenge cards solo or compete with friends! Game includes four different sized round targets and 34 bottle-shaped cards, each showing a challenge for the bottle flip. Challenges are grouped by category: some use the targets, some are physical challenges, and 6 cards challenge players to create their own trick shot. Each player has 5 chances to complete a challenge. So, grab a lucky water bottle, and go for the perfect flip!

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" Includes 34 challenge cards, 6 DIY challenge cards and 4 targets
" Cards feature 6 different kinds of challenges
" Play a solo game or with friends
" First player to reach 10 points wins

" Ages 7 and up
" For 1 or more players
" Bottle not included. Additional purchase required
" Be aware of your environment. Clear the area where youll be flipping before you start. Do not flip the bottle toward other players or objects.

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