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Ellen's Games Danger Word Game; Ellen DeGeneres Game

Ages: 10 YEARS+
Item: E6775
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Product Description:

Danger Word is a wildly funny, intense, and unpredictable word guessing game based on the Danger Word Game seen on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and her primetime hit, Game of Games. Players choose a card and give teammates one-word clues hoping that they'll guess the Winning Word on the card. But don't say the Danger Word! Who can get teammates to say "pool" but not "swim", or "infant" but not "baby"? Saying the Danger Word gets that player stamped with an X. Teams win by collecting 5 cards or if the other team gets 3 stamps.

ELLEN is a trademark of Crazy Monkey, Inc. and THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW is a trademark of Crazy Monkey, Inc. and Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. All related characters, materials and other elements of THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW are Copyright Telepictures Productions Inc. ELLEN’S GAME OF GAMES and all related characters and elements Copyright &Trademark Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc (s19)
Hasbro Gaming and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

• Includes 300 double-sided content cards, 1 Danger Word stamp, and instructions.

• INSPIRED BY ONE OF ELLEN'S MOST INTENSE GAMES: Get ready for loads of laughter under extreme pressure! This high-stakes guessing game is inspired by one of Ellen's favorite: Danger Word! It's played on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and her hit primetime show, Game of Games
• DANGER WORD GAME: Play a version of the popular Danger Word game with friends! It will keep players on their toes and keep the laughs coming. It's a wild and fun game for ages 10 and up
• GUESS THE WINNING WORD TO WIN: Give one-word clues hoping that teammates guess the Winning Word on the card. But watch out for the Danger Word! If a teammate accidentally says the Danger Word instead, they lose the card! Get 5 Danger Word cards to win
• INCLUDES RUBBER STAMP: Say the Danger Word by mistake? Get stamped! The game includes a rubber stamp that stamps an X on your opponent's forehead. If a player gets 3 stamps they lose the game
• FUN PARTY GAME FOR TEENS AND ADULTS: Fans of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Game of Games can give any party a boost with this Danger Word game. It's great fun for friends and family ages 10 and up

• Ages 10 and up
• For 4 players.

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