Coinhole Touchdown game

Ages: AGES 8+
Item: C4110
Product Description:

Huddle up; it's time to tackle the Coinhole Touchdown game, the tabletop coin-bouncing tailgate game! Ready? Split into teams. Players bounce the included Coinhole coins onto a table as they attempt to sink them through the Coinhole board hole for a touchdown. Landing in the end zone also racks up points. The first team to score 11 points wins! Or extend the fun and play to 21. Players can amp up the challenge with one of the other ways to play noted in the instructions. No matter how it's done, the Coinhole Touchdown game can turn a get-together into a party!

" Includes 2 Coinhole boards, 4 Coinhole coins, and instructions.

" Bounce the Coinhole coins to sink them in the game board hole for a touchdown
" Multiple ways to play
" Exciting and fun game for parties
" Includes 2 wooden boards and 4 Coinhole coins

" Ages 8 and up
" For 2 or more players

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