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Clue: North Pole Holiday Edition Board Game

Ages: 4 YEARS+
Item: E5527
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It's the Clue game with a holiday twist! In this suspenseful game, players have to find out which elf is responsible for taking all the holiday gifts. Get the scoop on the characters, items, and rooms, and start detecting! Was it Plumtart with the candy cane in the Toy Workshop? Or Pinewreath with the fruitcake in the Reindeer Stable? Eliminate information throughout the game in this whodunit. When a player is ready to make an accusation, they secretly look at the cards placed in the Sleigh Room on the game board to reveal Who, What, and Where. A correct accusation wins the game!

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• Includes paper gameboard, 2 dice, 6 colored tokens, 19 cards, 6 molded items, detective notepad, and game rules.
• HOLIDAY VERSION OF THE CLUE GAME: This board game for kids features classic Clue gameplay and a holiday theme
• UH-OH THE PRESENTS ARE GONE: Everyone in Santa's village is ready for the big day but the presents go missing! In this Clue North Pole Edition game players try to solve the holiday mystery
• WHO, WHAT, WHERE: Players try to solve the mystery of the missing presents, and six elves are suspects. Discover whodunit with what and where
• FUN FAMILY GAME: The Clue North Pole game is a really fun board game to play when the family gets together for the holidays. For ages 8 and up

• Ages 8 and up
• For 3-6 players.

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